The Hidden Lake is a blissful and serene spot, in large part because of the virtual absence of buildings here, but this means we’ve had to find an alternative for guests to stay overnight. So with customary countryside ingenuity, we’ve got a solution with our luxury bell tents.


Simply and tastefully dressed, the tents offer a cost-effective way of your guests sleeping off their sore heads without need of taxis. With the added bonus of waking up to the fresh air, sights and sounds of the luscious Somerset countryside.

Whether it is just a handful of tents for the seasoned glampers, or an entire bell tent village to accommodate the whole wedding party, our creative and versatile team can pitch something to suit even the most unconventional imagination.

Glamping isn’t for everyone, but with a wealth of local accommodation options, you won’t be hard-pushed finding somewhere perfect to stay, whether it be a humble B&B, or a luxury eco-lodge complete with Hot Tub. We’ll be glad to supply you and your guests with a list of options!